Shipping informations

Fees of the international delivery to eu countries

We deliver to the European countries with the DPD Ltd (Direct Parcel Delivery), according to the following fee zones. The delivery takes 2-6 working days meanwhile the delivery time is not guaranteed. We keep the right to use postal services for small parcels, with even faster delivery time. Delivery to below listed EU countries is possible only in case of Card or PayPal payments. No Cash On Delivery method is available. In case of delivery abroad ( outside of Hungary) there is no possibility for cash on delivery. The following delivery prices are concerned to pieces and boxes.

1 ZONE: Austria, Slovakia
2 ZONE: Germany
3 ZONE: Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherland, Luxemburg, Italy, Romania
4 ZONE: England, Denmark, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia
5 ZONE. Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden
6 ZONE: Finland, Portugal, Norveg
7 ZONE: Ireland, Serbia, Greece


ZONE 0,1 – 5 kg 5,1 – 10 kg 10,1 – 20 kg 20,1 –31,5 kg
1 15 EUR 17 EUR 18 EUR 20 EUR
2 18 EUR 19 EUR 20 EUR 23 EUR
3 20 EUR 21 EUR 23 EUR 25 EUR
4 22 EUR 24 EUR 26 EUR 30 EUR
5 29 EUR 30 EUR 33 EUR 36 EUR
6 35 EUR 38 EUR 40 EUR 44 EUR
7 52 EUR 56 EUR 60 EUR 64 EUR

The prices contain 27% VAT.

Paypal payments in euro

Due to the limitations of Pay Pal, our prices based HUF (Hungarian Forint)  will be converted to Euro according to PayPal conversion rates. As EUR/HUF conversion rate changes continuously, could result very favourable and unfavourable € retail prices.

Cash on delivery service with DPD (only in Hungary)

Products of Your purchase are delivered to your home by DPD Hungaria Ltd. You get the parcel within 2 working days, after Your completed order. In actual fact the in country delivery is executed on the following working day of acknowledgement of the order, during office hours between 8:00am and 5:00pm. In case of unsuccessful delivery DPD undertake to deliver the parcel second and third times for free.

Fees of the national C.O.D. delivery (only in hungary)

weight delivery fee
0,1-3 kg 1.500 HUF
3,1-5 kg 1.850 HUF
5,1-15 kg 2.100 HUF
15,1-31,5 kg 2.650 HUF
31,5-50 kg 4.900 HUF

The prices contain 27% VAT.

Fees of the national C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery)

Amount of Cash on Delivery Fees of Cash on Delivery
1 – 50,000 HUF 550 HUF
50,001 – 100,000 HUF 1.100 HUF
100,001 – 300,000 HUF 2.100 HUF
300,001 – 500,000 HUF 4.200 HUF

The prices contain 27% VAT.

Method of payment: cash on delivery (C.O.D.) that is payment in cash at handing of the parcel.

Free delivery (periodically available only)

Our free shipping is available over 500€ purchase price all over the EU. Over 40.000,-HUF we provide free delivery for Incountry orders for the territory of Hungary.
(We take over the delivery fee above product purchase price over a certain value, termined for special seasons in Hungary and above 300,-€ to other EU countries. All products returned with a former free delivery will be refounded with the subtraction of the originally not charged delivery fee).


If you have any claims please see our “Warranty and Liability Terms” or correspond to our customer service.

Return goods

In case of return the unsuitable goods, in the original packages and with the original bill, delivery note or other documents to the following address:
WAKESHOP - Everride Ltd.
Perc u. 2.
1036 Budapest

For more information see our “Warranty and Liability Terms”

Cash or value refund

Products were shipped without shiping fee, in case of return the product value will be refunded with the subtraction of the delivery fee, which originally was not charged. In case of free shipped product returned for size exchange, there will be a delivery fee charged for the redelivery. Regional delivery fees are shown in above chart.

Prepayed parcels home delivery refused by the buyer and returned to our company by DPD shipper will effect charges as return shiping, restocking and handling fees, which total value will be subtracted from the refound amount to the buyer. The amount of this fee is the 120% of the calculated shipping fee either shipping was payed or not payed as parcel was eligible for free shipping. Prepayed Parcels with free shipping and refused to accept during the delivery will be charged for shiping fee (fee based on our shipping fee chart) and its 120% return, restocking and handling fee.

Customer service

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