Our Brands

Liquid Force

Founded in 1995, with roots going back to the sport’s first days, Liquid Force has become the leader in wakeboard related products and apparel. Founders Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon were two pioneers in the sport of Wakeboarding credited with creating the sport. Finn was the developer of the Skurfer which is largely regarded as the product that put wakeboarding on the map, and Redmon is regarded as the most influential and creative designer of products since the sports inception. Working together, they have helped grow Liquid Force to the top within the wakeboarding segment.

In 1988 Redmon founded the World Wakeboard Association (WWA), a governing body for the sport. In 1993, after much research, testing, and innovation, they produced the first twin-tip board, which would change the sport forever. In 1995 Finn and Redmon—challenged by a dare that they couldn’t launch a company by the time of the World Championships only three weeks away—created Liquid Force, a company that the two say was “launched on stoke, faith, and a lot of energy.” The pair hustled to get boards made, and outfitted their riders in Liquid Force branded gear.

The California based company now commands the largest percentage of wakeboard market share. Liquid Force advertises with prime placement in all major wake and kite media outlets. Having several won the WSIA “Manufacturer of the Year” and other awards, Liquid Force is dedicated to relentless innovation, progressive design, maximum functionality and unparalleled quality. To this day, Liquid Force continues to reflect its name as a strong force in the wakeboard community. They work closely with their athletes to achieve the right designs, and their constant innovation has driven them to stay one of the leading manufacturers in the wakeboard market.



The Ronix Wakeboard company was started just a few years ago by some of the biggest names in the wakeboard industry. The company based on the world first wakeboard manufacturer company, former creator of Obrien and Hyperlite and HO brands. With a proven track record the Ronix wakeboard company has started to make some headway in the wakeboard industry. The Ronix wakeboard company has a great line up of wakeboards, and a dozen of top quality bindings, and a full line of accessories. Some of the top riders in the industry have joined the Ronix wakeboard company such as Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Parks Bonifay, Adam Errington, Reed Hansen, and Emily Copeland Durham.

Owning the longest sales and manufacturing experience of the industry, Ronix gained 2nd position as market leader brand along with Liquid Force. Since the launch in 2006 Ronix markedly exceeded the competitor Hyperlite sales. A really notable Ronix product is Danny Harf’s choice, the "One Board". The signature wakeboard for Harf has a thin profile to reduce the swing weight. Harf created a clean center bottom design giving this Ronix wakeboard a good launch off the wake. Combine this wakeboard with the Ronix One Binding and you have the setup Danny used to land the first 1260 in the sport of wakeboarding. Under the „Radar” sub-brand, Ronix sells professional monoski and hobby water sport apparel.



A group of kiteboarders and windsurfers who loved everything in the extreme wanted to go after stronger winds and bigger waves in harsher conditions. Passionate as they were about kiteboarding and windsurfing they felt that the majority of the existing equipment on the market was holding them back, so they decided to break out on their own and fill the gap. They set out to create kite and windsurfing equipment that was durable and able to support a rider in extreme conditions allowing the rider to go harder, faster, higher... This was 2002, and the beginning of the Mystic journey.

Mystic aimed to create a range of equipment that embraced modern technologies and techniques, which in combination with the riders' natural physical skills would allow them to reach and even surpass their maximum potential. Mystic wanted to create products that push riders further, allowing riders to break all the existing boundaries and take the sport to a totally new level. „Why follow when you can lead” - this has become the Mystic philosophy.



Dunkelvolk is a Peruvian company manufacturing clothes for surfing, skateboarding, BMX and snowboarding. The word Dunkelvolk is German and means Dark People. The company was created in 1996 by two extreme sports enthusiasts. In 1996, when the skateboarding became in vogue they saw an opportunity in making baggy pants especially for skaters. The pants were soon sold out and the founders called their brothers, to manufacture additionally 300 pants which were also sold. They followed with t-shirts, jeans and then clothes for skaters and surfers.

Until 2003, Dunkelvolk was a brand mostly for skaters. In 2003 the company expanded its product line and hosted the Peruvian surfer Javier Swayne. Today the brand manufactures and markets in Peru, but also exports to other countries as USA, Spain, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Austria, Australia and Hungary. Dunkelvolk products are made with high-quality materials that ensure resistance and durability. This difference is easily noticed when someone touches the clothes, the softness, the quality of pattern, sewing, collars, tags. This attention to detail gives a premuim feel to all Dunkelvolk clothing. „Being different is an art.”



Abec 11 was born out of a desire to develop high performance products for skateboarders. By using state-of-the-art technology and high quality urethane, Abec 11 is able to deliver superior products at a reasonable cost for skaters. Its sub-brands, the Pink, Retro and subLime are all built for special purpose. The Pink was originally designed for girls, but now it’s used by all. The Retro brings back the old school look, combining it with state of the art materials. While subLime is mainly for skateboard / shortboard use.



Once a nomad surfer in the 60’s, Gordon Merchant found a new home in the australian Gold Coast. He soon got engaged int he surf business, made himself a name as an innovative shaper, then invented the leash, the nowadays commonly used rope, that connects the board to the surfer. in 1973, ha started to make boardshorts at home with his wife, and the local surf heroes tried and tested them. They passed, and it marked the birth of the Billabong brand. Gordon rented a small workshop in North Burleigh, and spent the next years there, establishing the company. Billabong started to grow and during the next 10 years achived success first in the domestic, then in the international market. Gordon surrounded himself with the best specialists of the industry, and from the 90’s started to expand his business to other extreme sports. Gordon is still taking part int he decision making, he says that the future of the company always depens ont he success of the actual collection.


Brooklyn Workshop

Brooklyn Workshop, Inc. based in Brooklyn, NY was founded by Alon Karpman in 2010. The company specializes in creating innovative urban riding machines and associated products. The Skatecycle—released in 2010—is Brooklyn Workshop's first product and is the worlds first hubless self propelled skate.  Since its release, it has garnered several prestigious design awards, including the Bronze IDEA Award in 2010 and is part of the permanent collection at the Henry Ford Museum. The ELBY is an extension to the expanding Brooklyn Workshop product line that caters to longboarders everywhere.



Bustin Boards is a grassroots longboard company designed by skaters and run by skaters. Since 2001, the New York City based company’s mission has been to develop the most advanced longboards and skateboards on the planet and offer friendly, personal service. Their community in New York is made up of skaters and longboarders who are passionate about enjoying life and evolving longboarding and skateboarding. Wherever you skate, You will feel the Big Apple’s vibe and enjoy the ride. The latest lineup of Bustin longboard decks, components and apparel is offered in select skate and longboard shops around the world, such as Wakeshop in Budapest, Hungary.

Try a test deck in our shop, it will speak for itself!


Elephant Brand

Elephant is skateboarding icon Mike Vallely’s new brand. The multi-talented musician, actor, stuntman, wrestler, boxer and hockey player Mike V established his old school skateboard line in 2011, as he puts it „just for fun”. The designs use some of Vallely’s trademark elephant graphics, others also bear the retro, punk rock look, recalling the times, when Vallely was at the top of his game. Elephant enjoys popularity among hardcore skateboarders in their 30’s and 40’s, but kids and longboarders also choose the controversial skateboarder’s decks and wheels.


Khiro hardware

The Khiro Skateboard Products have a simple mission on their mind from day one: To make the highest quality skateboard products using the most advanced manufacturing techniques combined with the best materials to provide the customers and skateboarders with the very best products in the World. The USA made bushings, truck bolts, king pins, spacers, risers and other hardware parts are reliable and affordable, hence among the most popular skateboard products in the world.



Landyachtz is one of the leading longboard brands worldwide. At Landyachtz they believe that the best work comes from employees who are passionate about what they do. The canadian company has easy access to the finest wood materials, essential to high end longboard deck fabrication. Their employees are mostly skaters themselves, who are proudly sanding, pressing, shipping, selling or designing boards, that are going into the hands of fellow rippers. Outside of work you'll find them on the local hills, at the races and cruising around town on the boards that they help create. By having such a large team of talented skaters in house, they also focus on innovation, always excited to skate the newest boards, lot of them are never-seen-before prototypes.



Loaded Boards has been crafting high performance longboards since 1995, successfully mimicing the feel of snowboarding on pavement. They californian brand manufactures longboard decks, mostly for carving, freeriding, and dancing, although they also produce wheels (under the sub-brand Orangatang), and accessories, such as sliding gloves. The Loaded team spent years on studying materials, which paid off: their bamboo-cored fiberglass decks are claimed to have the best flex in the business. The company’s design philosophy is simple: engineer the boards so that the decks and trucks interact to create a synergistic carving system, meaning they design the boards around the trucks. The end product is an organic whole, completed with the Orangatang wheels.


Lush Longboards

Lush started in the year 2000, with two boarders - Chris and Hank - building a few long skate decks for buddies in their damp basement. A small website was thrown together, and it wasn't long before more folk wanted longboards. Soon the demand for Lush boards outgrew their capabilities, so they rented a small unit in deepest darkest industrial Sheffield with no windows, dodgy security guards, cut'n'shut auto repair centres either side. They just couldn’t stop to grow, one move followed another, and they ended up in Bristol, in a huge warehouse, finally roomy enough to complete all the operations comfortably. Some things havn’t changed though - they’re still using the same monster sound system, and the office is still covered in coned wheels, used slide pucks, weird prototype decks and dirty bearings. The Lust Team travelled all over Europe, and regularly organise and sponsor longboard events in the UK. They believe „the future is more people skating longboards and loving it”.



Mindless is a british longboard company, which produces decks and all sorts of hardware for over a decade now. They are coming up with new designs continuously, whilst a wealth of knowledge and experience is invested in every board they make. Reasonably priced, Mindless has entry level longboards, but also has sets for advanced riders.



Orangatang wheels played a huge part in the development of sliding and freeriding. They introduced the world to stone-ground wheels, such as the Stimulus and Durians, which were ready to slide fresh out of their packaging. They have consistently worked with some of the world’s best downhill racers as well. Riders like Alex Tongue and Patrick Switzer have been dominating races worldwide on Orangatang 4 Presidents and In Heats. Aside from making amazing wheels they also make high performance bushings, the Nipples, that have won over the hearts of riders everywhere!


Quicksilver - Roxy

The Quiksilver logo, a cresting wave and snowcapped mountain, represents active sports and global excellence. Since its birth over 20 years ago, Quiksilver has maintained its commitment to performance, style, and endurance and has taken the message around the world. Quiksilver is a worldwide surf/board-riding lifestyle label based on authenticity and reputation for excellence. Their goal is to provide the market with purity of concept and provide the customers product they can wear with pride. Quiksilver's substance lies in its history, its product quality and innovation and its authentic connection to the extreme sports culture. In addition to Quiksilver, Pirate Surf, Que, Roxy, and Raisins represents their complete dedication to the outdoor lifestyle.

A celebrated name among surfers across the globe, Quiksilver, Inc. designs and distributes casual sportswear, beachwear, and snowboard wear, marketing its apparel under the Quiksilver, Roxy, Private Surf, Que, and Raisin labels. Although Quiksilver produced a broad range of apparel items for several distinct types of customers during the mid-1990s, the company's chief focus has been setting fashion trends for surfers. Founded by two young American surfers in 1976, Quiksilver recorded enviable success with its boardshorts, swimsuits, and other surfing apparel and accessories during its illustrious history.



Reef's twenty-five year heritage traces back to two brothers from Argentina, Fernando and Santiago "Santi" Aguerre. Fueled by their passion for surfing, and armed with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, the brothers acted on an idea to create a high quality, comfortable, active lifestyle sandal. Attracted to the Southern Californian lifestyle, Santi moved to California in the early 80's and would shortly be reunited with his brother. Fernando graduated from Law School, and headed to La Jolla to help co-found Reef. With $4000 working capital, hard work, dedication and some savvy marketing ideas, the brothers built Reef into the #1 sandal brand. They knew they had a great product, but wanted to separate themselves from the competition. Inspired by the notoriously beautiful women of the beaches in South America, the brothers saw an opportunity to introduce the surf market to an exotic element that they called Miss Reef.

Never revealing her face or identity, the brothers used the intrigue of Miss Reef to help convey their idea of the surf lifestyle. The first advertisement involving Miss Reef was rejected from the surfing magazines for the controversial content, but after some convincing, the ads finally ran. The surfers who read the magazines were instantly intrigued by the exotic and beautiful figure in the ads. Since then, Miss Reef has become a global icon of the surfing community, and can easily be attributed to the success of Reef. Now twenty-five years later, the company is thriving as one of the leading surf brands in the world offering not only footwear for, swimwear and apparel also. Reef also recently launched Reef Redemption; a program intended to lessen our footprint on the Environment.



Seismic Skate Systems is proudly propelling the longboarding movement, may it be slalom, downhill, or all-purpose cruising. Since 1994 Seismic trucks have offered the world’s most progressive carving performance. They chose this name because they’re committed to continually shake up the skateboard market. Since the beginning, the company is dedicated to advanced engineering, innovative products to forward evolution in skateboarding. Their mission is to use the most advanced materials and engineering technologies to radically enhance the riding experience of everyone who wants to skate, however they choose to do it – all at an affordable price. Beside the trucks, Seismic offers quality wheels, popular among longboarders around the world.


SP snowboard bindings

SP is the fresh, freestyle division of the Snow Pro company. The Snow Pro was founded by Thomas Krenn in 1987, and made its name in snowboarding throughout the 90s by producing solid, technical plate bindings from a factory in Birgel, Germany, where soft bindings were also manufactured under the name Rage starting in 1993. In 1996 SP opened a factory in Slovakia, and started to develop and produce new soft snowboard bindings. With its unique FASTEC reclining highback system, SP bindings are rapidly gaining popularity. The easy to use, one-hand operated system can be found on every SP binding, from the basic models to the super light pro series. Innovative technology combined with stylish paint jobs guarantees the success of the austrian brand. Using the patented Fastec system, the company produces bindings to several major snowboard brands worldwide.


Triple 8

Triple Eight is a company which sets its mind on everything that is pure, authentic and soulful in skateboarding and beyond, much like New York City itself, where they are based. For the past 15 years, Triple Eight provided action sport enthusiasts with the highest quality protective gear, covered them from head to toe and allowed them to push their limits while being safe. They deliver craftsmanship, innovation and style at once. Triple 8 products are utilized in a variety of action sports that include skateboarding, snowboarding, inline skating, biking, wakeboarding and more. Whether you are the veteran pro, the aspiring amateur or a first timer, Triple Eight has you protected.


Urge helmets

„No nonsense” - That’s the Urge Bike Products motto. It’s a great one, but is also one that is not always easy to live by when you manufacture bike helmets. Urge Bike Products is not a followers brand and since their inception, they have allowed themselves to break some of the rigid codes of the sports world. Their pronounced goal is to put things in motion towards better products backed by innovative design and sustainable forward thinking. Excellent protection with unique design – that is best way to characterize the end products Urge protective gears can be spotted immediatley, with their one of a kind looks and construction. Bikers and snowboarders around the world praise the Urge products, and place them among the best helmets on the market.